Kentik, a vendor to watch in 2020

Kentik, a vendor to watch in 2020

Today I walked into the World of Solutions @ Cisco Live Barcelona 2020. Looking around at the different vendors and what they have to offer, one vendor peaked my interest. Kentik.

Kentik offers scalable data collection and correlation from a wide variety of sources including netflow, vpc flow logs, and snmp. Their solution offers real-time and historical analytics with problem detection based on machine learning. All these capabilities are centered around a key goal of using big data and machine learning technologies to increase the efficiency of IT operations teams.

During Monday’s session on Cisco ACI, Cisco made it very clear the datacenter is not centered in one place and that’s the problem they are addressing with ACI. The multi cloud era we live in makes data that comes from any cloud or on-premise harder to keep track of. Cisco is bringing us ACI Anywhere which delivers a true hybrid multi cloud capability. It takes a holistic, policy driven abstraction on top of cloud native API’s, regardless of the type of workload – physical, virtual, or containerized, across on-premises and/or public cloud infrastructures.

Kentik’s solution really ties this all together nicely. It has the ability to visualize data from different clouds and on-premise datacenters with powerful analytics, and instant insights which empowers customers with a unified view across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. It’s ideal for creating insights into performance, cost, and security issues across modern cloud infrastructures and on-premise solutions.

Kentik Cloud Architecture for Cisco.

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