create CSR openssl – request certificate

create CSR openssl – request certificate

create CSR with the openssl-commando

1.Login as root. Go to a directory for storing the csr / ssl cert:
[root@serv]# cd /root/cert/

2.Create Private Key and CSR :
[root@serv cert]# openssl req -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout www_domain_com.key -out www_domain_com.csr

3.Enter passphrase ±
Enter pass phrase for www_domain_key.key:

4.display CSR
[root@serv cert]# cat www_domain_com.csr you csr / key:
[root@serv cert]# chmod 600 *.key *.csr

Installatie certificate

1.Log in as root.

2.Save certicates at /root/cert/ all included files in this directory. your files:
[root@serv ]# cd /root/cert/
[root@serv cert]# chmod 600 *.crt *.csr *.pem *.key

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