clearing arp cache windows

clearing arp cache windows

The Microsoft Windows ARP cache will occasionally become corrupt and need to be cleared.

The first symptom you are likely to notice is that connections to web pages will time out and fail.

If you troubleshoot further, you will notice that you can `ping` your IP address and also, but not other IP addresses.

Clearing the ARP Cache
To fix this error, you will need to clear the ARP cache. This is done with the `netsh` command:

C:\>netsh interface ip delete arpcache
C:\>arp -ad
Viewing the ARP Cache
If you would like to view your ARP cache, this can be accomplished using the `arp` command:

C:\>arp -a

Interface: — 0x10004
  Internet Address      Physical Address      Type           00-0f-66-37-22-32     dynamic

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