command line mailen windows

command line mailen windows

download bmail ( thanks to Beyond Logic )

usage example :
bmail.exe -s -t -f -h -a “test” -m c:\mail.txt -c

Options :

 C:\>bmail /?

 Command Line SMTP Emailer V1.07
 Copyright(C) 2002-2004
 Usage: bmail [options]
         -s    SMTP Server Name
         -p    SMTP Port Number (optional, defaults to 25)
         -t    To: Address
         -f    From: Address
         -b    Text Body of Message (optional)
         -h    Generate Headers
         -a    Subject (optional)
         -m    Filename (optional) Use file as Body of Message
                -c    Prefix above file with CR/LF to separate body from header
                -d    Debug (Show all mail server communications)

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