change the default ASDM port on a Cisco ASA

change the default ASDM port on a Cisco ASA

It’s also very nice to use ASDM to monitor used system resources on the ASA.

But, what if you have already mapped a static connection using tcp/443 to your outside interface?

In this case, the default ASDM configuration will not work, because the static command will take precedence over the ASDM configuration. So, the default ASDM port will need to be changed from tcp/443 to something else.

You can accomplish this by using the following command:

hostname(config)# http server enable [port]

For instance, to change the ASDM port to tcp/444, use the following statement:

hostname(config)# http server enable 444

Now you will be able to open a web browser and point it to your ASA’s external IP address, using port 444. How? Well, let’s say your ASA’s IP address is You can get to the ASDM by pointing your web browser to:

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