Bind DNS zone file explained

Bind DNS zone file explained

$ORIGIN     ; designates the start of this zone file in the name space
$TTL 1h                  ; default expiration time of all resource records without their own TTL value  IN  SOA (
              2007120710 ; serial number of this zone file
              1d         ; slave refresh (1 day)
              2h         ; slave retry time in case of a problem (2 hours)
              4w         ; slave expiration time (4 weeks)
              1h         ; minimum caching time in case of failed lookups (1 hour)
              )  NS    ns                    ; is a nameserver for  NS    ns.somewhere.example.     ; ns.somewhere.example is a backup nameserver for  MX    10  ; is the mailserver for
@             MX    20 ; equivalent to above line, "@" represents zone origin
@             MX    50 mail3              ; equivalent to above line, but using a relative host name  A              ; IPv4 address for
              AAAA  2001:db8:10::1        ; IPv6 address for
ns            A              ; IPv4 address for
              AAAA  2001:db8:10::2        ; IPv6 address for
www           CNAME          ; is an alias for
wwwtest       CNAME www                   ; is another alias for
mail          A              ; IPv4 address for,
                                          ;  any MX record host must be an address record
                                          ; as explained in RFC 2181 (section 10.3)
mail2         A              ; IPv4 address for
mail3         A              ; IPv4 address for

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