configure rssh linux centos redhat shell

configure rssh linux centos redhat shell

configure yum to use DAG , see other posts on this blog

yum install rssh

only problem i ran in to was :

chsh -s /usr/bin/rssh angelo
# chsh -s /usr/bin/rssh restricted.user
Changing shell for restricted.user.Warning: “/usr/bin/rssh” is not listed in /etc/shells
Shell changed.

So I had to append ‘/usr/bin/rssh’ to the end of the ‘/etc/shells’ file

add user :

# useradd -m -d /home/angelo -s /usr/bin/rssh angelo
# passwd angelo

modify user :

# usermod -s /usr/bin/rssh old-user-name
# usermod -s /usr/bin/rssh angelo
# chsh -s /usr/bin/rssh angelo

Grant access to sftp and scp for all users :

The default action for rssh to lock down everything. To grant access to scp or sftp open /etc/rssh.conf file:

# vi /etc/rssh.conf
Append or uncomment following two lines


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